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Haunted Houses, Death, and the Emotional Truth

This course offers an insight into stigmatized properties . The do's and don'ts when listing and marketing a property with perhaps a sordid past. 3 hours


The Code of Ethics: Our Promise of Professionalism

This continuing education course addresses the specifics of the National Association of Realtors code of ethics and ethical practices and decision making for real estate professionals. This 3 hour course may also fulfill the ethics requirement from the National Association of Realtors biannually, please check with your Realtor association.


Service Dogs and Assistance Animals in Real Estate

2 hr elective credit course. Spend time discussing and learning the differences between service dogs and support animals and how it may impact real estate and property management.

License Law - Know the Changes

The SC License Law was introduced new in 2017 . Do you know the new law and the major changes that are now written ? If you still have questions this 2hr course will give you an over sight into everything you need to know . 


3 Ps of Professionalism

This is the 2019,2020 core course for all agents renewing their license. 4hours 


The New and the Unusual: Mini Houses

Mini houses have become the newest trend in real estate throughout the U.S. Learn about what actually qualifies as a mini house. Can you sell one? How do you finance one? Finish up the class by looking at a few unusual mini houses that are also hitting the hearts of the mini house believers. 3 hrs of elective credit.


Contract Review

2 hour elective credit course. At times, everyone needs a workshop on the important aspects of the use of the real estate contract. Utilize this time to sharpen your skills when it comes to working with your clients.

BIC Duties and Responsibilities Mandatory Course

All Brokers in Charge must take this mandatory 4 hour class to renew their license. 


Up In Smoke

This 4 hour elective credit course takes a look at the changing environment as related to real estate concerning both marijuania and meth usage. Real Estate agents will explore how to navigate through this new area in the home buying arena.


Housing for All

This three hour elective course features a complete coverage of the 2012 Equal Access Rule and the new HUD guidance regarding service animals. Case studies throughout the course demonstrating real world applications in fair housing.

I just got my license and it was super easy. Thank you so much to Kim for making this possible!
— David G